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About me

Hi, I’m Patty and I’m the on the spot hairdresser at Beer Spot Northcote.

I’ve been hairdressing for too many years to mention. Started out in a big salon in Brisbane, had my first salon at Noosa back in the day. I worked for a salon for a few years in Takapuna, then raised a fine family and now HERE I am at The Beer Spot Northcote working the barber chair for a few days a week.


A great relaxed environment, friendly staff and regulars and great food from the Street Food Trucks that change every week. Have a beer whilst sitting in the famous hair cutting chair. Let me do my work where every head of hair is a new canvas, a piece of art that I take it seriously. Your hair goal is my challenge.


We’ll start with bit of a chat before we start to make sure we are on the same page, possibly give you a few new ideas to think about and an honest experienced opinion on where you are heading with your hair styling. Have a peak into the gallery to see some of the cuts I have been doing lately.

Would love to meet you and introduce you to my artistic service, no basins, just the barber chair and my artistic cutting experience.

Your on the spot hairdresser Patty


Your Hair, Your Image, My Goal